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Our Mission

Our mission is to create 3D Virtual Tours that help buyers find the perfect home from the comfort of their couch and help real estate agents cut through the clutter of what buyers really want. This in turn will help sellers quickly sell their home.

Nickel Tours will accomplish all this by making 3D Virtual Tours more affordable, hosting the virtual tours online, allowing tours to be embedded into real estate agents websites or on other real estate sites, and by marketing the tours on our own website. 

Nickel Tours

Statement From the Owner

I started my photography career working for Village Photographers while attending Auburn University. This was long before the digital revolution. The digital age has created dramatic changes in the world of photography since then. One, cell phones have made everyone a photographer -- and darn good ones at that. But, the new technology also allows you to do things we never dreamed of 40 years ago.

One technology that really gets me excited is the 3D Virtual tour. it is my belief that 3D Virtual Tours will dramatically change the Real Estate industry. Virtual Tours will lead the way in helping people shop for homes without ever physically visiting the home before making the decision to purchase. I am very excited to be a part of this Virtual Tour revolution. It's my sincere hope that Nickel Tours can help you in buying or selling your home.

 —Samuel McCall                                                                        

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